Frequently Asked Questions for Residential Moves

How much notice do you need to get on the schedule?
We recommend getting on the schedule as soon as you have a date in mind. We are often able to take last minute work.
How much will it cost me per hour?
Please call us for an estimate. We charge a base hourly rate, with an hour and a half minimum of time on the labor charge. Other travel fees could be associated with the move depending upon the location.
Do you move kitchen/laundry appliances?
We do move standard appliances (fridges, washers/dryers, etc.). We do not move commercial grade appliances. We ask that you disconnect and reconnect them (including water lines).
Do you move large, heavy items like pianos, hot tubs, or gun safes?
We move some of these items. Please call us so we can get more details about the item. If we cannot move it, we will refer you to someone who can.
I have hardwood floors. What steps do you take to ensure they won’t get scratched?
We protect the floor with rug runners. We also have door jam covers to ensure your doorways don’t get damaged.
Do you disassemble/reassemble beds?
Yes, as long as no unusual tools are needed and you have all the hardware.
We have stairs. Will that be a problem?
Stairs are not an issue and there are no extra charges for going up and down stairs.
Do you provide packing services and materials?
Yes, we provide a full pack and move service. If you choose to use our packing materials (boxes, paper, tape) they are an additional charge.
Do dressers need to be emptied?
You can leave clothing and linens inside the dressers. We would like anything that is heavy or fragile to be removed.
Do you need to come out and give us an estimate?
We are generally able to give a good estimate over the phone. However, if your house is around 3000 sq ft or above we like to come out to give an estimate in person. We also like to do an in-person estimate for most packing jobs as well.