Frequently Asked Questions for Residential Moves

I am getting ready to move, how much notice do you need?
A week is great, but sometimes we can work around your schedule. Please call as soon as you have your moving date to get on our schedule. We have a lot of flexibility because of our size. We use a wait list also and provide last minute service...
How much will it cost me per hour?
Please call us for an estimate. We charge a base hourly rate, with an hour and a half minimum time. Other travel fees could be associated with the move, depending on its location.
How many hours (approximately) will it take to move a 1500 sq. ft. house?
Move only, no packing will take around 5 to 7 hours, however it will also depend on what items need moved. For homes sized at 3500 sq.ft. and above we would like to come take a look, to help us determine how many trucks/crew members/hours we’ll need to plan for. Please give us a call to schedule an estimate.
Will you move the stuff in my garage too?
Do you move kitchen/laundry appliances?
We will move any appliance, but they do have to be disconnected, and we do not reconnect them. Water lines, specifically.
Do you move large heavy items, like pianos, hot tubs or treadmills?
Yes we move some of those items, please call us for more information.
We have a gun safe, do you move those?
No we do not move large safes.
Yes, we move them, but we do not take wall-mounted televisions off the wall, nor hang them back up.
At this time, we do not move those electronics unless safely boxed.
I have hardwood floors, what steps do you take to ensure they won’t get scratched?
We have runners that we put down over the floors to protect them.
Do you tear down/set up beds?
Yes we do!
We have stairs, will that be a problem?
Stairs are no problem, but we like to know what we will be taking up and/or down the stairs prior to the move.
Stairs are no problem, but we like to know what we will be taking up and/or down the stairs prior to the move.
Please remove anything breakable or valuable. Clothing and linens can be left in drawers.
Do you have boxes that I can purchase?
Absolutely, they vary in price depending on size and quantity.
I work and have children, and do not have time to pack my house up, is that a service you offer?
Yes, it is all an hourly rate, boxes and packing materials are extra.
What if I need to split moving time up between two days, can you do that?
Yes we can, if the time slot is available. We charged hourly, with an hour and a half minimum time.