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Palina L.
Palina L.
2017-05-18 10:05:58
The Crosstown Mover guys - Jake, Braden, & Brandon T. - just helped move the majority of heavy furniture out of my place into storage. Woohoo! Someone quick...
Diane S.
Diane S.
2016-10-30 13:34:20
Outstanding experience. Phone service excellent. Movers in person were friendly and FAST. They were extremely helpful to my elderly mom once they got her...
Laura N.
Laura N.
2016-03-25 12:16:59
From start to finish, my experience with Cross Town Movers was awesome. The gentleman I spoke with when I called for a quote was super polite, helpful, and...
Lance M.
Lance M.
2017-10-28 13:38:56
Matt Smith and Zachery Steller moved a heavy wooden file cabinet base with a super heavy credenza for us back into our office which was re-wall papered...

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Move cross town.

This Is the second time l"ve hired Cross Town Movers to move my furnishings from one house across town to another house. Even so, I did some comparison shopping beforehand, because this time I only needed to move the large items. l'd done the lion's share myself, so there were no boxes, no appliances, just the furniture that wouldn't flt Into the back of my SUV nothing else. I about swallowed my tongue when I saw the quote I got from the competition you know, the ones who provide two men and a truck to do the work?. So I phoned Cross Town Movers who reminded me of their more realistic per-hour fee structure. The irony is. they also provided two men and a truck at a fair and reasonable rate that was a lot easier to swallow. I was impressed with the courteous, careful and efficient work of these two strong and hard-working young men, who came and left In their truck .


Moving services

This is the second move I've done in the last few months with Cross Town and they've been great. No complaints and I couldn't be happier, great service!