You Should Probably Hire a Mover...

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You should probably hire a mover…

You may be thinking “we’ll save a little money and do the moving ourselves.” At first, this may seem like a great idea, but there are a few details you may want to consider before you commit to taking on this challenge. Yes, in some situations you will save money doing the move yourself, but when you factor in the added time, logistics, and safety issues that go into a move, things might not be as simple as they appear. When you are weighing your option be sure you consider the following:


  • You have already spent time preparing for your move. You’ve identified items that will be donated and consolidated paperwork, books, and clothing. Adding the actual move will also take a ton of time. Cancel any plans you had, because you’ll be spending the entire weekend packing and moving your belongings. Our movers are experienced and trained in what they do, so it will generally take much less time to move the items than it would for you to do it yourself. Although we like you to be present during the move, you can be working on last minute details instead of hauling the furniture yourself.


  • You’ll probably need to rent a truck. In addition to the truck itself, you will want to rent or purchase moving equipment such as furniture pads, dolleys, straps, hand tools, etc. When it’s all said and done, this will probably come out to be more money than you anticipated. Rental trucks are in very high demand these days, which not only makes it more difficult to rent one, but probably also means the price will be higher.


  • We often joke that we’ll charge you less than a trip to your doctor if you hurt yourself while moving. In all seriousness, it’s not uncommon for an untrained individual to hurt themselves doing heavy lifting. In fact, we get calls all the time from people who tried to move themselves, hurt their back, and then needed to hire us to finish their job. Our crews are well trained and accustomed to doing this type of work. In the off chance that one of our employees did get injured, we are fully covered with worker’s compensation insurance.
  • It’s also important to consider the safety of your items. Again, our crews are well trained to handle a variety of different situations. They have the knowledge to help guide your items through tricky spaces and the equipment to protect it from damage as well.

Finding Help:

  • Don’t be that friend that makes all of your other friends help you move. Plus, you’ll feel obligated to either pay them or at the bare minimum feed them a nice meal afterwards.

When you add up these four factors, does it still make sense to do it yourself? In reality, you are probably saving a minimal amount of money, but costing yourself a lot in time, safety, and maybe personal relationships.

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