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How long will it take to move my furniture and furnishings from a 1,200 square foot home from Boise, Idaho to Meridian, Idaho?

Moving the contents of a 1,200 square foot home can be straightforward if you plan and do a little preparation prior to your professional moving team's arrival. The actual time it will take can vary depending on several factors:

  1. Distance: The distance between the home in Boise that you are moving out of and your new home or apartment in Meridian will add to the overall time it takes to move. Keep in mind that it will take a 26-foot moving van about 25% more time to drive from one location to the other when compared to a car.
  2. Preparation: Preparing for your move can take anywhere from several weeks to a few hours. This will depend primarily on how much of the work you’d like to tackle yourself, if you need to dispose of, sell or donate some of your possessions, and what services you want to leave to the professionals. Our decluttering blog can help you with where to get started. A few items that will reduce the overall time of the move might include packing, disassembling bed frames, or prestaging packed boxes in your garage. If you plan to do all the packing yourself, be certain to securely close and tape the boxes allowing the movers to stack the boxes on dollies and load in the most efficient manner. At Cross Town Movers we can provide a full range of moving supplies and services to simplify your preparation and your moving. Click here for more details.
  3. Parking: Be sure the moving truck has a safe and secure location to park. The distance the crew will need to carry your items can significantly impact how long it takes to move.
  4. Weather Conditions: Weather may be a factor. Inclement weather, such as heavy rain or snow, can impact the length of time the move will take.
  5. Route and Road Conditions: The condition of the roads and the chosen route can affect the speed of the move. Narrow or winding roads, as well as obstacles like low-hanging branches or power lines, can slow down the process.
  6. Special Items: If you have particularly large or heavy items (e.g., pianos, pool tables, safes), moving them may require extra time and specialized equipment. Check out our blog post on recommendations for moving your Peloton!
  7. Stairs and Elevators: The presence of stairs or elevators at either your old or new residence can impact the time it takes to move items in and out. The speed and accessibility of the elevator varies widely from building to building. It is helpful to understand these types of logistics to help determine the time required for a move.
  8. Density of your Home: Last but not least, the time it takes to move will depend on how much furniture and boxes will be included in your move. If you have a great deal of books, decorative items and kitchen accessories it may impact the length of the move.

At Cross Town Movers these are some of the things we consider as we work with our customers to schedule their move. As professional movers we have done moves for customers with homes and apartments ranging from 500 square feet to over 10,000 square feet. Based on our experience we can talk through the details of what will need to be included in your move and provide a close estimate of the time needed. To get a free estimate for your move please click here.

In general, it will take a professional moving crew 4 to 5 hours of moving time to move a 1,200 square foot home from Boise to Meridian if you are all packed up and ready to go. It is important to think through the details of your move when putting together your plan.

Keep in mind if you decide to do the move yourself it may take longer or shorter depending on the tools, equipment and number of people you have on hand to help.

At Cross Town Movers we can help you with all your moving needs: reorganizing, packing, or moving, we can do just about anything! Please call us at (208)-378-0226 to get a free estimate and speak with us about other ideas to plan for a stress free move!

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