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Getting Ready to Move around Boise - A timeline to help you best prepare

2 months prior to move

  1. De-clutter. Go through your house or apartment room by room and gather up items to either donate, sell, or throw away. Take a trip to the dump and/or donation center to clear up some space in your home.
  2. Get an estimate of how much a move will cost. We charge by the hour, so this won’t be an exact price, but you’ll know roughly what you need to budget for the move. For most customers, we are able to simply give you an estimate over the phone or by email if you can provide us some basic details about your move.

1 month prior to move

  1. Schedule movers. There is no date too early to get on our schedule. Some days (especially in the summer months) can fill up a few weeks in advance.
  2. Gather boxes and containers. Things are much more easily transported by movers if they can be stacked on a dolley. For example, cardboard boxes or plastic bins work a lot better than bags or loose items. However, some bags of light things like clothes or linens are okay. See our box calculator to get a good idea of how much packing material you might need.
  3. Start packing things you know you won’t need before moving day. Some of these things could include decorative items, winter clothing, etc.
  4. If you live downtown, make sure you have a plan for where the movers can park. Reserve a parking space or parking meters if needed.

2 weeks prior to move

  1. Continue to get things packed up. At this point it would be good to start packing away all but the essentials. Keep a few cooking supplies, plates, and utensils out but pack the rest of the kitchen. Knick knacks, books, garage items, and most clothes can be packed at this time. Make sure to label your boxes so the movers know where to put it and you know what’s in it!

1 week prior to move

  1. Make a list of what you need in an “essentials” box. Your essentials box contains items you need for your first day or two in your new home- medications, important documents, toiletries, a change of clothes, towels, etc. Set these items aside so they don’t get packed away in other boxes.
  2. Confirm with the movers and ask any last minute questions.
  3. If you’ve found more things that you’d like to donate, make a last trip to rid your house of excess clutter.

1 day prior to move

  1. Make sure all of your packed boxes are shut and sealed with tape. If you’d like to help speed things up for the movers, you can stage boxes in the garage, or in an area that will be easier for them to transport into the moving truck.
  2. Determine if there are any items you would like to transport yourself. For example, smaller plants, delicate family heirlooms, etc. Designate an area for these, or load them into your car prior to the movers arriving.
  3. If the movers are transporting outdoor items, make sure they are clean of dirt and debris.
  4. Make sure there is a clear walkway in and out of the house.
  5. Charge your electronics.
  6. Try not to stress! You’ve planned ahead and organized things well in advance, so order some takeout or pick up a pizza and enjoy your night!

Moving Day

  1. Make arrangements for your pets and younger children. Things get a little busy and you will want to be sure they’re safe and well cared for.
  2. Keep important paperwork and valuables available and secure.
  3. Stay in touch. Communicate any nuances of the move with your moving team throughout the day.

If you're considering moving soon, contact Cross Town Movers today to request an estimate. We'll get all the details about your move, and give you a quote on how much your move can cost you, and answer any questions you might have.

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