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Office Moves
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Who Can We Move?

Moving an office of any size takes strategic planning. Cross Town Movers has experience moving small to large corporate offices of any size. From one employee to hundreds, we have the knowledge to make your office move as stress-free as possible.

What Can We Move?

Your office has a lot of heavy and odd-shaped equipment. Our office movers are experts at loading and unloading your valuable office items efficiently and safely.

  1. Desks:
    1. L-Shaped Desks
    2. U-Shaped Desks
    3. Executive Desks
    4. Receptionist Desks
  2. Couches
  3. Tables
  4. Shelving
  5. Office Décor
  6. Work Stations
  7. Desk Dividers
  8. Accent Chairs
  9. Large Signs
  10. Filing Cabinets
  11. Conference Room Tables
  12. Large Rugs
  13. Benches
  14. Disassembled Cubicles
  15. Rolling Desk Chairs
  16. Computer Stations
  17. Printers
  18. Lobby Furniture
  19. Buffets
  20. Conference Room Chairs
  21. TVs
  22. Large Whiteboards

How Do We Move Your Office?

We work closely with your business to efficiently plan your office move. Unless your office is very small, it’s usually best for us to have someone come out and give an in-person estimate to accurately estimate how many hours and how many crew members will be needed during your office move.

Why Choose Cross Town Movers for Your Office Move

We focus on efficiency in an office move to minimize loss of time in operating your business. Need to move on a Friday? We can arrange that.

We can move your office to another location and can offer multiple trucks and crews to get the job done quickly, minimizing your time away from work.

We Can Help You Pack

Need assistance packing up your office? Our expert office packing services might be the easiest part of your move! Give us a call for a custom estimate for our office packing services.

Don’t know what type of packing supplies you will need? Check out our packing supplies page to see what and how much you might need for our office move.

TIP: We sell office packing supplies too!

Packing Services

Other Ways We Can Help

We can help with internal office moves. Let us help you move internally to minimize any employee injuries or other potential accidents.

Purchasing new office equipment? We can help load and unload your new furniture or equipment into your office. No matter how tricky the situation, we can make it happen.

Ready to rearrange your office? Call us, we can help with pretty much anything.

Moving Days

We operate from Monday through Friday and are happy to help whichever day best fits your schedule.

Moving Boise Area Families for Over 35 Years

With our affordable hourly rates, experienced trained crews, and fully equipped trucks, moving with us will be as easy as one quick phone call.