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Loading & Unloading Rental Trucks
Boise, ID

Do you need help loading and unloading a rental truck (not a Cross Town Movers truck)? Here’s how we can help with that.

Loading Your Moving Truck or Van:

  1. We stay locally here in the Treasure Valley but would be happy to load up a rental truck that you drive out of state to your new home.
  2. Our crews are expertly trained on how to safely load your belongings into a truck to avoid damage and maximize space.
  3. We can disassemble beds and other furniture items to make it easier to get them into the truck.
  4. Make sure to purchase or rent an ample amount of furniture pads and rope for tying in and securing the load.

Unloading Your Moving Truck or Van:

  1. If you’re moving into the Treasure Valley from out of state, we’d be happy to unload your rental truck or trailer for you. We’ll send you the crew members to do the heavy lifting, so you can focus on the other logistics involved in moving day.
  2. Our crews will carefully unload your belongings and place them wherever you’d like in your new home.
  3. We can reassemble beds and other furniture pieces and set them up for you.

Who We Can Help?

  1. Anyone moving out of the Treasure Valley
  2. Anyone Moving into the Treasure Valley
  3. Someone needing help loading and unloading
  4. Someone needing assistance dis-assembling and reassembling furniture

Moving Days

We operate from Monday through Friday and are happy to help whichever day best fits your schedule.

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