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Retirement Home Moves
Retirement Home Moves Boise, ID

Moving into a retirement facility can put a great deal of stress onto not only the person moving in, but also the family of the resident. Let us take the weight of the move off your shoulders.

Who Can We Move?

Our crew members are caring and sensitive to everyone’s unique situation. We can help anyone looking for assistance with moving into:

  1. Retirement Community
  2. Senior Living Community
  3. Assisted Living Facility
  4. Retirement Homes
  5. Independent Living Community
  6. Senior Housing
  7. Memory Care Facility
  8. Or simply downsizing into a smaller home or apartment

What Can We Move During Your Senior Move?

  1. TVs
  2. Refrigerator
  3. Beds
  4. Patio Furniture
  5. Couches
  6. Washing Machine
  7. Buffets
  8. Mattresses
  9. Shelving
  10. Benches
  11. Home Décor
  12. Dressers
  13. Dryer
  14. Desks
  15. Chairs
  16. Garage Items

How Do We Move You?

  1. Our crews are trained to navigate the tricky situations that come with moving into a retirement or senior living facility such as stairs or a narrow hallway.
  2. You can leave the heavy lifting to us to relieve some stress (and save time)

What Makes Cross Town Movers Special?

We are very familiar with retirement homes in the valley, so we make sure to respect their rules and regulations in regards to parking and what entrances and exits we can use. Also, the time of day that works best for the facility and the customer is taken into account.

Downsizing from a house into a smaller apartment? We can either take your extra items to a storage unit of your choice, or deliver them to a donation center, or transport to the landfill.

Moving Days

We operate from Monday through Friday and are happy to help whichever day best fits your schedule.

Moving Boise Area Families for Over 35 Years

With our affordable hourly rates, experienced trained crews, and fully equipped trucks, moving with us will be as easy as one quick phone call.