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Moving your Parents to Assisted Living and Other Challenging Moves: Tips from a Boise Moving Company

Moving is never easy. One of the most challenging scenarios is moving your parents or relatives into an assisted living facility, memory care, retirement center or other senior housing. It is also difficult to move as a single parent, if you have small children, or have a disability. At Cross Town Movers our team is experienced in successfully providing services for these types of moves on a regular basis. In this article we will provide some insights into how to minimize the stress and disruption for any of these situations.

Moving to Assisted Living

As we age, it becomes harder to do the things we used to be able to do. In some cases it is necessary to move into a facility that can provide additional care and services. As the individual who is supporting a move for an aging parent or loved one, it is important to understand the logistics of planning, scheduling and implementing this type of move. Not only will the move require strength and mobility but in this case, will need a great deal of patience and care to address the emotions associated with leaving a home that contains a lifetime of memories.

Hiring a moving company, or an extra set of helping hands, instead of trying to take on the task of packing and transporting furniture and furnishings can ease the burden of making this transition.

With any move it is important to make decisions on exactly what will be moved to the new, often smaller location. Taking the time necessary to sort through what will be passed on to relatives and friends from the items that will be included in the move will simplify the process and make it much more cost effective. Be sure to refer to our blog post on organizing prior to a move for tips and tricks to prepare for your move.

On the day of the move it may be helpful to make arrangements to have someone take your parents or relatives out to lunch or visit with friends while the movers pack up the home. Ideally you can have the new room or apartment all set up prior to their arrival making it feel more like home.

Hiring a professional mover will ease the transition by providing a full range of packing and moving services. Diligently planning out the little details will make it an easier and smoother transition.

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Moving with Disabilities

Moving is not easy for anyone. For someone with a physical disability the challenges only become greater.

Start planning your move as early as possible and create a checklist to stay organized. If moving into a living facility, make sure you communicate with them on what is allowed or not allowed if a professional moving company is hired. Before contacting any of these organizations, think through exactly what services you will require - packing, moving, unpacking, organizing, etc.

Be sure you have reviewed the configuration of your new home or apartment to be sure all accessibility updates have been made.

Moving Single Parents

Your kids may be young and rambunctious, but they are smart enough to know what’s happening. Be sure to have a talk with your kids to help them understand your move. You can get them involved by having them pack up their toys and plan the decor of their new rooms! Keep an eye on how and what they are packing to ensure nothing gets damaged or forgotten.

On moving day, your full attention will be required. Keep your children occupied by providing mess free toys, snacks, and coloring books. If possible, hire a sitter or have a friend watch your children during the move.

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Moving All By Yourself

Moving is a big undertaking but doing it all by yourself can be a near impossible task. The first thing to do is to make a plan by packing up one room at a time or pack things you won’t use on a daily basis. Look to see if anything will be too heavy to carry alone and consider hiring a moving company to at the very least take care of the bigger items.

Other Moving Challenges


If you find yourself having to move with short notice, don't panic. First make a plan using the questions below as a starting point:

  1. Where will you go now, even if it’s not permanent?
  2. Will your next place fit all your items?
  3. Do you need packing supplies? How much?
  4. Can you physically move everything you own?
  5. Do you have friends or family that you can rely upon to help?
  6. Will your vehicle fit everything you need to move in one trip?
  7. Do you need to coordinate utility transfer/shut offs?

Your answers should help you to decide if you need to lighten your load, if you’re going to need storage, what transportation will work best, and more. When in doubt give a call to the best local movers, Cross Town Movers!

Here at Cross Town Movers, we can assist with any challenges you may encounter when planning your move. Give us a call and we can talk through the details of your situation and how we can help!

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