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Moving Tips for Downsizing from a Boise Moving Company

While it may seem painful to leave a house that you’ve made into a home over the years, recognizing when it’s time to downsize can make life a lot easier. The potential benefits of downsizing include reduced cost of living and upkeep, easier navigation of belongings and the home, and more freedom for travelling or new activities! Moving may seem like a daunting task, especially when you’ve built up a lifetime of memories (and stuff!) in a home, but here are a couple tips that can ease the pain.

Understanding When It’s Time to Downsize

  1. Planning your move earlier rather than later makes the moving process that much smoother so you have ample time to sort through years of belongings and decide what you will keep and what will be donated, sold or disposed of. Whether moving into a smaller home, a retirement community, or a new city having time to schedule and plan will greatly reduce stress come moving day. Once you have picked out your new home, make sure that you understand the floor plan and recognize exactly how much space you have for your possessions.

Deciding What Items to Keep vs. Get Rid Of

  1. The toughest part of downsizing can often seem like you are having to give up important parts of your past, but this is a great opportunity to reduce clutter and decide what is essential for the next stage of your life. It can often be helpful to sort belongings into groups such as take with, sell, put into storage, donate, or throw away. Completing this with the help of friends and family is often a great way to relive old memories and book end your time in your old home. There are many options for short- or long-term storage. You may want to consider renting a storage unit in your local area to save those items you that you are not sure you are ready to part with.

Packing Up

  1. Consider utilizing the packing services of Cross Town Movers, so that the belongings that you do decide to keep are packed safely and securely by professionals to ensure that they arrive in the same quality that you’ve known for years. Not only does this save your own time, but can ease the worry that your possessions will make it in one piece. Nobody wants to deal with broken or scratched valuables on your first day in a new home.

Moving Day

  1. Stepping into the next chapter of your life should be an exciting day, so avoid starting off on the wrong foot and consider using a professional moving service. Leaving it to the professionals will alleviate the physical and emotional stress of moving day. This is an especially good option with larger moves or when planning a move for family or friends who are senior citizens. Once the move is complete make sure to relax and enjoy your new place!

Post Move

  1. The hard work is done! It’s time to get organized in your new home and make plans to enjoy your simplified lifestyle.

When you do make that decision to downsize Cross Town Movers is ready to help. Please schedule an estimate to discuss details of your move and schedule!

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