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Planning a Successful Move In Boise With the Cross Town Movers Team

Implementing a successful move depends on good communication, experienced movers, and the right tools. With over 35 years of experience, Cross Town Movers understands all aspects of the moving process and are uniquely qualified to provide local moving services to residential customers and business owners in Boise and the surrounding suburbs.

At the beginning of the process our operations team works diligently to fully understand all aspects of your move. We will step through a series of questions designed to help us schedule properly, give you an estimate of the cost and help you prepare for moving day.

The things we will ask to assist in planning will include:

  1. Tell me about your move?
  2. Are there any appliances?
  3. Will any of your items need basic disassembly or re-assembly?
  4. Is there anything that is extremely heavy that two professional movers will be unable to handle? Do you need help with packing?
  5. Do you need any packing supplies?

We work behind the scenes to get the crew educated on how your move should proceed. Utilizing the very latest technology, we communicate efficiently and frequently with our crews in the field to address moving questions that may arise and anticipate challenges and opportunities for improving efficiency.

Another important aspect to the move is free and clear access. Our trucks are 26' long and require 13 feet, 6 inches of clearance. We need to be sure there are not any impediments (signs, awnings, parking challenges) that will prevent our trucks from accessing your site. If it is impossible or dangerous to get the truck in to your driveway, we may need to plan for extra time if we need to carry items a long distance.

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Our movers have the tools and capability to move most household items. The crews arrive at your location with standard tools required to complete the job. This typically includes pads, hand carts, small hand tools and straps. When scheduling your move, please identify any overly large items you need moved that may need special attention or possibly a 3rd party to support. For reference a few examples of these items may include: pianos, safes, fireproof file cabinets, pool tables, marble-top tables, flat-screen TVs, riding lawnmowers and other items of extraordinary size or weight.

There may be a few items that you would like to transport yourself. A good example of this is live plants. Depending on their size, the weather conditions, and a range of other factors it may make the most sense for you to make other arrangements.

We know that moving day can be stressful. The Cross Town team works hard to alleviate your concerns and does everything possible to deliver a helpful and positive moving experience. Boone and Kiva are an integral part of our team and keep everyone in the office on task and ready to serve customers. They welcome the crews every morning and help us get the day off to a good start.

Regardless of the size of your move, we would love to speak with you and work through the details. Give us a call anytime or drop by to meet the team.

Moving Boise Area Families for Over 35 Years

With our affordable hourly rates, experienced trained crews, and fully equipped trucks, moving with us will be as easy as one quick phone call.