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Planning your Boise office move: Reconfiguration, renovation or relocation

The pandemic has driven Idaho companies to rethink their office space. Whether you are reconfiguring the layout to provide greater distance between desks and cubicles, adding plexiglass dividers or moving to a more cost efficient location, it is critical to plan early to assure a successful transition, minimize the impact on your business, and ease the stress on your team.

Transforming an office space to meet company and employee needs can take many different forms. These may include: reconfiguration, renovation, or relocation. The team at Cross Town Movers has years of experience in providing all types of office moves.


Changing the layout of your existing Treasure Valley office is often a great option for companies or firms that have a long term lease, or when the location is ideal but the existing set up doesn’t meet current needs.

Reconfiguration may include redesigning your space, changing the layout or adding storage to meet the changing needs of your business. Employers typically choose to reconfigure the office as their first course of action since it enables them to maximize the return on their initial office investments.

Consider elements like space, flexibility, comfort, connectivity, and healthfulness when determining what adjustments should be made to your current office arrangement. Will your staff members be sufficiently separated from one another to remain safe while still being able to collaborate and operate securely? Determine any subtle distractions and how to change the décor or furniture to keep employees at ease. Most importantly, office dynamics will change over time. Be sure to consider the future needs of your business to ensure that you can quickly adjust if necessary.

If you do decide to reconfigure your space, think through where to temporarily house employees who may be displaced during this process.


Renovation may be on your mind if you desire a fresh new beginning but don't want to move out of your existing location. Developing a detailed plan of what you would like to improve, change, repair, or add to your office is the first step in implementing your renovation. One important aspect of renovating your existing space is the length of time contractors will be working on site.

Depending on the status of your office at the moment, your refurbishment can be simple or complicated. Many organizations today are looking to modernize their air filtration systems, add hygienic surfaces, and give workers access to next-generation communication technologies. Painting the walls, removing the old flooring, or replacing the office furniture are additional examples of refurbishment.

Businesses should consider the advantages of an office remodel if they want to optimize their space while keeping employees safe and supporting their growing business.


With flexible work arrangements it is possible that your current office no longer meets the needs of your business. Once you make the decision that you need a new location or a different size office, you need to secure a new location and start planning your move.

Office moves can be disruptive. Elicit the support of your staff to label all of their computers and other electronics. If possible, supply boxes ahead of the move to allow each individual to pack a box or two with their desk items.

If you are reconfiguring, renovating or relocating it is imperative that you consider how the pandemic has impacted employee work habits to be sure your work environment supports their needs.

The team at Cross Town Movers is here to help you provide a workplace environment that enables your team to reach their full potential.

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