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Home Renovation Moves: Tips from a Boise Moving Company

The 2020 pandemic has pushed many homeowners to make investments in their homes at a rate never seen before. In a study released earlier this year, Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies reported that total spending on home improvement and repair climbed an estimated 3% in 2020 to $419 billion.

Another output of the pandemic was the increasing number of workers who were given the flexibility to work from remote locations. Many of these employees moved to lower cost of living cities and suburbs due to a work from home option or to be closer to family. In many cases these moves have freed up capital to invest in new living arrangements better suited to an individual or family’s needs.

These trends have impacted the Treasure Valley where rapid increases in home equity, record low interest rates and families moving in from other locations have prompted homeowners and buyers to move forward with planning and implementing home improvement projects at a rapid pace.

Taking on a home renovation project is exciting. New furniture, refinishing floors, installing new carpet or a fresh coat of paint can transform your living space making it more comfortable, inviting, and even providing additional functionality. Kitchens, baths, and outdoor patios have been popular remodeling choices as well as additions to accommodate a home office, in-law studio or even an accessory dwelling unit to be used as a short-term rental.

Whether it is a do-it-yourself project, or one performed by your favorite contractor, taking on a home renovation will typically involve moving furniture and furnishings.

When you are ready to get started, the team at Cross Town Movers can help. We have the resources, including tools, equipment, and movers to alleviate some of the stress of your project by offering complete services to relocate your belongings to a temporary location while the work on your renovation is completed. Whether you will be moving to an off-site storage location, another room in your existing home, or a garage, we can manage the relocation of your belongings to a safe and secure location of your choice.

A great deal of planning goes into the design and implementation of a home renovation. Once the planning is complete and you are ready to begin work you will need to consider the details and work to minimize the chaos that may take place during the construction period. Don’t forget the important step of organizing your moving team to assist in moving furniture to allow your contractor to get the job done. Be sure to get professional movers scheduled to assist and take away some of the stress and complexity of your home project.

During your initial conversation with the moving company of your choice, explain exactly what needs to be moved and your expected schedule. If you will be relocating furniture to another room in your home or garage, be sure there’s adequate space and easy access. Ideally you would want to get on the schedule for both the removal of the furniture and the put-back to be sure you are back up and running in the shortest period of time after the project is completed.

We are all spending more time in our homes, let Cross Town Movers assist you in making it the home of your dreams.

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