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Tips for Moving a College Student

Moving your college student into their new apartment is an exciting time! It is an important transition, and it's crucial to ensure a hassle-free experience. At Cross Town Movers, we understand the significance of such moves and are here to provide you with valuable insights and recommendations on how our moving services can make the process smoother for you and your college student.

Select a location that provides easy access to academic buildings and campus activities

When moving your college student into their new apartment, choosing the right location can significantly impact their college experience as well as the moving process. Their proximity to academic buildings as well as student social venues will determine how easy it will be for them to participate in campus activities. Our team at Cross Town Movers specializes in local moves within the Treasure Valley including moves for students attending Boise State University, College of Idaho, and College of Western Idaho. We are familiar with the logistics of parking at the apartment complexes adjacent to college campuses, making our team very efficient at unloading into their apartment building.

What should I expect to spend on a move for my college student?

At Cross Town Movers, we understand the importance of cost-effective moving solutions. Our experienced team can work within your budget, offering competitive rates for your college student's move. We prioritize transparency in pricing and can provide you with a detailed estimate for our services. Typically, a college student doesn’t have a great deal of furniture or furnishing to move into their apartment. We can work with you to be sure our services fit within your budget. For a free estimate please click here!

What to think about when hiring a moving company

When it comes to moving, efficiency and professionalism are key. Our highly-trained movers at Cross Town Movers are skilled in handling the logistics of apartment moves. We ensure your college student's belongings are packed, loaded, and transported with care, reducing the stress of the moving process.

We can disassemble and reassemble furniture as needed, ensuring a smooth transition into your college student's new apartment.

Need help packing too?

We can help! Packing can be a time-consuming task. With our team, you have the option to leave the packing to us. We can supply packing supplies and services to support your move. Our professional packers will bring the boxes, paper and tape to your home, carefully and efficiently pack your college student's belongings, and ensure everything arrives at their new apartment in perfect condition. You can find additional information on packing services please click here.

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Why is Cross Town Movers the best choice for your move?

Local Knowledge and Short-Distance Moves

Our team is well-versed in the local Boise, Nampa, Eagle, Meridian, and Caldwell areas, making us the perfect choice for short-distance moves from your home to their campus apartment. We understand the nuances of navigating the area, including parking and building access, ensuring a seamless transition for your college student. Many of the local apartments offer parking close to their doors making it easy for our team to complete your move.

Stress-Free Transportation

Moving can be a stressful experience, you can rest easy knowing that your college student's belongings are in safe hands. We provide reliable transportation services, utilizing well-maintained vehicles to transport your items securely.

Transparent Pricing and Quotes

We believe in transparent pricing. At Cross Town Movers you'll know exactly what to expect. There are no hidden fees or surprises, ensuring peace of mind during the move.

Moving your college student into their new apartment is a significant event, and with the right moving company, the process can be smooth and stress-free. As a local company serving the Boise area for over 35 years, we specialize in offering cost-effective solutions, professional services, and a commitment to making your college student's transition into their new apartment as seamless as possible. Trust Cross Town Movers for a successful move – contact us today at (208)789-1332 to discuss your needs and receive a free quote!

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