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90,000 is the number of hours the typical American spends at work over their lifetime. 90,000 hours amounts to approximately 1/3 of your life.

With statistics like this it is as important to invest the time into understanding an employer’s culture and work environment as it is to discuss salary.

At Cross Town Movers we work hard to create a positive, enriching work atmosphere. It all starts with recruiting. We spend extra time during the interview process to share information about our clientele, business process and expectations. We ask candidates many questions to be sure we understand their work ethic, moving experience and long-term goals. This helps us ensure that a potential hire is a good fit for our team and will be successful as a mover.

Once on board, regardless of prior experience, new employees work with senior crews to gain insight into how to execute a professional move. It is critical that each of our movers understand how to communicate with clients, work efficiently and understand the technology we use to interact throughout the day.

The training process continues throughout a mover’s career. Our experienced operations staff travels to jobs every week to offer new insights. Training topics may include using a 4-wheel dolly to move an upright piano, how to plan a move to optimize space in the truck, or how to effectively use furniture pads (a mover’s best friend).

Being a mover is an opportunity to be out at a new and different workplace every day. Our clients are grateful for the service and support we provide during what is often a stressful time.

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Our teams are assigned to jobs each day as two person crews. It is important that our movers have an opportunity to get to know one another and build trust. Our leadership team plans quarterly events and activities designed to foster these relationships and build comradery.

Early in 2021, after a difficult year providing essential moves, Cross Town Movers won not only Best Mover of the Treasure Valley but also Best Mover of Idaho. To celebrate and express our appreciation we had a “pick your own gift card table” where each employee could choose a gift card from a local establishment. Everyone was excited to participate and able to select the gift card from the merchant they patronized most often.

March Madness is another annual tradition. Just for a bit of friendly competition we all pick teams in the draw and hope to get bragging rights as the “winner” of the tournament.

During the holiday season our team donates moving services to charitable organizations in the Treasure Valley. In 2021 we worked with the United Way to deliver boxes for their holiday gift giving event. These activities are great ways to give back to the community and participate in an event that gets us into the holiday spirit of giving.

Each team member is expected to treat co-workers and clients with respect and dignity. Our operations managers understand the challenges of performing moves and work hard to be sure we are available to quickly address issues that may arise during a move.

There are a large percentage of people working today who dislike their job. At Cross Town Movers we work every day to make this a positive and fun place to work for all!

If you are interested in working with Cross Town Movers, head over to our employment page today to see all the perks of being an employee, and to learn how to apply.

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