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Perplexed by your Peloton? Tips For Moving Your Peloton Bike

During the pandemic, many of us have turned to a variety of home exercise routines to stay safe and healthy. Equipping our home gyms has presented many challenges as we try to carve out a location in our home or apartment that functions well as a substitute for the former gym experience.

In 2020 we repurposed our main living areas into a Pilates studio, a Cross Fit training center or a facsimile of a Gold’s Gym. While it has been helpful to have the ability to continue to work out regularly, it’s difficult to move bulky gym equipment. For example, as things improve it might be time to find a new, less public place for that reformer or Peloton. Whether you are needing to move your equipment to another floor in your home after it has been delivered or simply relocating it to another area, Cross Town Movers can help.

Moving Fitness Equipment can be tricky as many treadmills, ellipticals and Pelotons, can be heavy, unwieldy and difficult to get up and down stairs or around tight corners.

We are experienced at moving a variety of gym equipment either as part of a whole house move, or scheduled as an individual trip. Our team can provide the moving blankets, floor protection and crews to get your equipment moved and set in a new location allowing you to get back up and exercising in no time.

In addition to identifying a new location for your equipment in your Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Nampa or Caldwell home you’ll need to prepare for the move.

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Here are a few simple steps we suggest owners take prior to our arrival on site to move your gym equipment.

General tips:

  1. Provide our team with complete information about the size and weight of your equipment so we can be better prepared to execute a successful move.
  2. Answering questions such as: Do you expect that the treadmill be handled by two professional movers? Did you need to remove any portion of the treadmill to get in through doorways in the past? For more answers to moving questions, refer to our frequently asked questions page.
  3. There are some commercial grade treadmills and ellipticals we can not move but will be happy to provide you with a referral if necessary.
  4. It’s great to clean and sanitize handrails and surfaces on your treadmill, elliptical and other equipment prior to your move. Although this doesn’t impact the move itself, it’s a great reminder and will give you the opportunity to keep your equipment in top-notch shape.
  5. Turn off the machine and un-plug.
  6. If you choose to dis-assemble portions of your treadmill or elliptical be sure to collect all the nuts and bolts, place them in a labeled bag and keep them safe and secure for your re-assembly.
  7. Be sure to inventory any power cords and keep them safe for re-installation.

For a Peloton:

  1. Lower the seat and handlebars to their lowest setting. Be sure the adjustment levers are fully tightened!
  2. Remove the touchscreen. The touchscreen is the most delicate part of the Peloton. It is important to wrap and transport it separately to prevent any damage.

Please call our office at (208) 378-0226 to discuss your situation and schedule your move!

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