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Tips for Moving from Washington to Boise

Welcome to the Treasure Valley! We're excited you've chosen to move to Boise, Idaho - whether for work or a more comfortable living environment. While Cross Town Movers operates only in Idaho, we're happy to greet you and get to work unloading your moving truck once you arrive from Washington or another state. 

We realize that often the most challenging part of any move begins once you arrive at your destination. You likely have the least amount of energy, want to return your moving truck without incurring additional costs, and most of all, you want to sleep in your own bed and settle into your new home. Once you've left Washington in the rearview mirror and have arrived at your new home in Boise, you can sit back and let us shoulder the burden while you relax from your exhausting move.

What Makes Cross Town Movers The Best Boise Moving Company?

Cross Town Movers has helped new Boise homeowners with residential moves in the Treasure Valley for over 35 years. Our specialty isn't just unloading your truck; it's about helping homeowners with the stresses that come with moving. We understand the amount of work it takes to move your home, and we want to make it as easy as possible once you arrive. We understand that each moving situation is different, and we will bring the right crew and equipment to unload all of your belongings with care.

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What Makes Cross Town Movers More Qualified To Help With Your Boise Move?

After decades of business in the Treasure Valley, we understand the Boise community and are the most trusted movers in the area. Our customers talk about our high standards and fair price. Some common compliments and accolades we have heard over the years are:

  1. We treat your home with respect. We understand the importance of your belongings and treat them with care.
  2. We are experienced movers who understand efficiency. We will save you time and money by optimizing the moving day.
  3. We always ensure that your carpeting, hardwood, and all other flooring types are left spotless after our crew moves you.
  4. It can be exhausting to unload a moving truck. Our movers have experience unloading trucks and will take the stress on their shoulders.
  5. We do all this at an hourly rate with no additional cost.

Hire Our Team of Expert Movers to Help You Move Into Your New Boise Home

Once you arrive in Boise, we take over and will quickly and efficiently unload your moving truck. We'll save you the hassle of having to move heavy or awkward objects on your own. If you are moving from Washington to Boise, Idaho, and want the best movers for the job, contact Cross Town Movers by calling (208) 378-0226 or submitting a request for an estimate.

Moving Boise Area Families for Over 35 Years

With our affordable hourly rates, experienced trained crews, and fully equipped trucks, moving with us will be as easy as one quick phone call.