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What is the Most Cost Effective Way to Move

You recently listed your Treasure Valley home for sale and have a moment to think about the actual process of moving. Moving can be daunting, whether you have lived in your home for one year or thirty years.

It is crucial to think through the various ways to approach your move depending on your budget, schedule, access to a truck, the type of move, and your physical capabilities. Cross Town Movers in Boise are your local moving experts on how to make your next relocation a more enjoyable experience.

Pricing Your Idaho Move

Pricing for a move is calculated differently for an interstate or international move versus a local move. Typically, an interstate move is priced based on weight and distance traveled and can range in price from $5,000 to $25,000 or more. This pricing will include materials, packing services, and the actual transport of furniture and furnishings.

A more economical approach to consider would be renting a truck and hiring movers to load the truck for you. You will still be responsible for paying for the one-way truck rental, the fuel, purchasing pads and tie-downs to use when loading the truck, and the labor at the load and unload locations, but this would reduce your cost considerably.

When completing a local move, the homeowner has even more flexibility regarding how to approach their move.

Hiring professional movers to provide complete packing, moving, and unpacking services will be the most expensive option. Still, they will minimize the disruption during your move, and the time the homeowner and their family and friends need to dedicate to the move.

Most local moving companies base their pricing on the actual time it takes to complete the move, plus the cost of materials. Estimates for these types of moves will be based on the square footage of the home or apartment you are moving out of and the logistics of the move.

For example, a local move from a 1,400-square-foot home may cost $700 - $1,500, depending on the home's density of furniture or furnishings, if there are items that need disassembly and/or re-assembly, and the logistics of the move.

Advice on How to Make the Most of Your Idaho Moving Experience

Only because we get the questions often: yes, if you choose to hire professional movers, you may want to consider budgeting a tip for the team into your budget. They truly appreciate you recognizing their service.

Pro-tip: you don't want to pay to move items you will discard when you arrive at your new home. Make your move as cost-effective as possible by donating, reselling, or disposing of these items before the move. Local moving companies can make deliveries to consignment shops, donation centers, landfills, etc., for an added fee. Refer to our blog article on preparing for your move, Getting Ready to Move, to step through the best approach.

Typically, it takes approximately two times the cost of your move to hire a team to pack your home. If you want to minimize the cost and have the time to dedicate to the effort, packing your items yourself can be a great way to make your move more economical.

Be sure to optimize your move by using the right size boxes, filling any gaps in the boxes with packing paper, avoiding mixing items from different rooms in a single box, labeling each box clearly on multiple sides, and taping the boxes securely.
Whichever method you choose to complete your move, the team at Cross Town Movers has the resources to help. Give us a call to explore the various ways to tackle your move.

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